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Oral surgery is an important procedure that needs to be taken with all the seriousness that it needs. This means that any patient who needs to have oral surgery needs to talk to the dentist first so as to secure a date where the process will be taken. By doing this and setting up an appointment with the dentist, one is able to be briefed on the dos and don’ts before the day of the surgery arrives. As an example, some of the things that one needs to avoid before the surgery includes smoking, eating or drinking immediately before going in for the procedure.  The dentists at however recommend that the patient should take a light meal two hours before they are scheduled to go in for the surgery. The dentists also advise brushing and flossing before the surgery so as to make it easier for the dentist to carry out the procedure smoothly. Another thing that is very important is for the patient to plan for their post surgery recovery. The diets that one takes prior to the surgery are very important. The diet will need to be full of soft foods that do not put pressure on the teeth or gums and they should not be acidic or spicy in any way.

What most oral surgeons do is to provide the necessary solutions to help in correcting or improving jaw health, removal of wisdom teeth, repairing any broken or damaged teeth that one may be having. These kinds of surgeries do not require in-patient services. They are mostly outpatient which means that the patient visits the dental clinic to get the surgery carried out then he or she goes home and is therefore responsible for taking care of the operated teeth or gums following the instructions and directions that the dentist will offer to him or her before releasing them.

Basics of oral surgery

Most people who are supposed to have oral surgery are usually scared as they are not sure of what they are supposed to expect. This article will cover some common things that one should be sure to expect when they go for oral surgery.

Oral surgery includes any procedure which requires the dentist to either cut into or remove any tissue that is in the patient’s mouth. These procedures may include removal of teeth or one tooth, carrying out surgery on the gum, removing any tissue that is infected by diseases, repairing any jaw problem and also treating any type of cleft palate case. The oral surgeon who is qualified to carry out these services is called a maxillofacial surgeon. He or she needs to have completed the needed post graduate training specializing in oral surgery.

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Finding the ideal dentist in Orange County

Dentists in Orange County provide quality dental care to their patients at all times. They always place a lot of stress in maintaining a very high degree in their clinics because they understand it is of utmost importance. You can clearly see this is you do look into the dental clinics in Orange County, all of them take great care of their premises so they can be able to take even greater care to their patients.

Now, if you are in search of a great dentist in the city, they are numerous professional dentists in Orange County and finding one will be really easy. Below is some advice you can follow in order to find the right dentist for you.

According to the American Dental Association, as a patient, you are recommended to take recommendations from trusted sources about the qualifications of the dentist as well as their experience in the cosmetic dentistry field. This also applies in the case of general dentistry; you need to take recommendations because it will be important before you actually commit to the care of that dentist.
The best place to begin is taking references from your family or friends. This is because they will give you the most honest feedback about the dentists they have used for their family.
Next, you can check the list [provided by the American Dental Association in their official website. Here, you will be able to go through the list of all the reputable dentists in Orange County. If you want, you could also access the list from the Yellow Pages.
Check your local pharmacists to see if they have some knowledge regarding the dentists in the area and the quality of services they offer.
The next and easiest place to look is the internet, nowadays all business tend to have an online presence and if you search for dentists, you will come to numerous search results that will lead you exactly where you want to be. On their website, you can go through their customer reviews and testimonials and this will give you an idea about the kind of services you will likely get from each dentist. You can actually go ahead and contact a customer or two to get feedback about these dentists firsthand.
You can also purchase a dental Insurance Plan and most of these plans  like the DMO, Dental Maintenance Organization, normally have a list of good dentists and from there, you can choose the one  closest to you or the one that appears most professional in the field of services you need.

Once you are done with the research and you shortlist a few dentists you like, you should visit their clinics so see to their level of hygiene as well as the kind of equipments they use.

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What to Expect From a Gum Surgeon

If your dentist recommends for gum surgery a periodontist who specializes in gum diseases is the person to go to. If your dentist have the experience in periodontics, well, you are lucky. Like in many other surgeries, there are formalities to be followed to make the surgery safe. With that said, you will be expected to understand some things prior to the commencement of the surgery. Being in the know of what to expect will give you an upper hand of detecting when your dentist is not doing things right. Again, different gum surgery procedures will require different approaches.

Patient preparations comes first

Teeth cleaning is the first activity the surgeon will undertake. Use of anesthesia will be necessary to numb the gum for a painless surgery. Take note of some surgeons who skip this step as gum surgeries come with severe pain where no pre-numbing is done. Your dentist may also inquire about your past and current medications to get to know whether you may have any adverse effects during the operation.

Hand skills

During the process of surgery, the surgeon has to get to the affected tissues. First, he has to fold the gums in order to access the tissue below. The infected tissue is then removed together with the bacteria under the gum line. How well the surgeon is able to maneuver his/her tools inside your mouth without hurting your oral tissues is key to the success of the operation.

After the surgery

The surgeon positions back the gums and stitches them. The surgeon may either use dissolvable stitches or permanent ones. Dissolvable stiches will dissolve into your gum gradually. For the permanent ones you will need to revisit the surgeon for removal after some few days of healing.

Mainly, only some mild effects are felt after the surgery. The effects will vary with different people. Always follow the dentist’s medication so as to speed up the healing process. In case you encounter excessive bleeding and similar complications always be free to contact your dentist.

Why undergo gum surgery?

With all the pain, one may wonder why bother undertaking gum surgeries. Well, other than the downsides, there are far more positives to accrue from a gum surgery. Don’t be pessimistic to expect only the worst. Something nice is in store for you. First, it is a preventative procedure. You will cure tooth loss before it comes your way.

Second, a lovely smile which is hard to find is what you are awarded. As a matter of fact, your smile is what people use to judge you in public. With recessed gum lines, your teeth appear longer than normal. Be sure that will be a topic of discussion the next time you make a speech. So, you better preserve your smile before things get out of hand.

Pain and sensitivity are also kept off your oral cavity. Both come with stress and denial of taking some best dishes.

As we all know, surgeries come with some degree of risk. It is important that you try out other simpler methods before making up your mind to go for the surgery. Your gum disease might be so mild for a surgery.

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How commerce has been able to change the healthcare field and johns creek invisalign.

Many companies have now come up with ways in which they can be able to use technology to connect with patients, doctors and their insurance companies as well. The main reason as to why many companies have opted for this solution is so that they can be able to make healthcare be more efficient, accessible and friendly to the consumers. Used in a correct way, technology can be used as a kind of catalyst with the main aim of transforming the entire healthcare field by making sure that there are no duplicates, no errors, it is streamlined in a proper way and consumers are able to get access to medical information in a much convenient way.

Once you are able to achieve this, you are sure that many of your patients are also going to be your consumers as well. It is, however, important to note that the healthcare is an industry which is regulated heavily and one which is complicated in its own way. Due to this, you should be able to understand that the whole entire process will not be an easy and smooth one.

On top of this, you can also be able to create different johns creek orthodontics services and products and also make sure that they are created in such a way that a patient can be able to get access to a doctor easily. This can be very convenient for your patients since they will not have to keep on visiting the doctor’s office unless it is really necessary for them to do so. This services not only allow you to link with the doctor who is handling your case, you can also be able to link with other doctors who are treating some of your family members especially the elderly ones.

Hospitals should also make sure that all their resources are been used in the right way so that they are able to ensure that there is no wastage. Technology can also be used to create services that can help patients get to know which doctors are readily available for them. This is also very convenient since it is able to save the patient a lot of time. It is also a way in which different specialists can be able to find patients online. The whole idea of a patient and a doctor communicating via the internet without necessarily having to make use of their offices and paper charts is a really interesting experience. It is also important that hospitals and healthcare services to make sure that they offer their clients with the best of their services and treat them with the utmost respect because the word of mouth has been a way of expanding your business even in this kind of field.

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How commerce has been able to bring dentists in munster to the marketing landscape in the health field.

Even though the year has only begun, it is still clear to say that there are going to be a lot of changes especially throughout different fields all over. There have also been very positive long term effects in regards to how well different consumers have been able to interact with the health care industry.

There are prevention and awareness

This is a trend that is mainly concerned with the preventive health care that is been undertaken. There are also numerous efforts to reduce many of the chronic illnesses that affect many people out there especially the elderly population. The cost of healthcare has remained the main focus for many governments, health providers and insurers as well. What should be noted is that healthcare providers need to connect the benefits that come with wellness and health with all their services and products so that they are able to fully incorporate and also win consumer sales, awareness and loyalty.

Blurred lines

Many hospitals and insurers were not in agreement because of the old system that was in place. However, they are now coming together so that they are able to come up with a healthcare system that is streamlined and smarter especially when it comes to the business point of view. Due to this, it is important for marketers in the healthcare field to look for ways in which they can create consumer awareness by letting them know that there are such partnerships that exist and how they are going to benefit from them in case they decide to join the programme.

There is the empowerment of consumers

In this new landscape that has been created for healthcare services, consumers have been given more control in terms of how they are able to get access to the various healthcare options that have been made available to them. Also, technology has played an important role as it has enabled them to be able to communicate directly with providers, doctors and other healthcare brands of their choice. Mobile has its benefits as well one of them been the fact that it has enabled the different healthcare brands to be able to get hold of their consumers in a more convenient and faster way.

Healthcare has gone retail

Even though it has been mentioned earlier that technology has been able to play an important role in terms of how consumers are able to make their healthcare decisions, it is also important to take note that retail is also coming up with new and different ways that consumers can be able to connect in a kind of physical realm. Retail is also looking for opportunities whereby they can be able to engage consumers via pharmacies, store clinics and kiosks.

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Things You Should Know about dentist in salem oregon Cosmetic dentistry Procedures

Your looks are pretty much determined by several facial appearance factors, one of the most important ones being the dental appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is the profession in dental health that specializes in procedures with a main goal of improving or restoring good dental appearance. This is done through procedures and professional techniques to manipulate dental structures in question to enhance an individual’s overall appeal as far as facial appearance is concerned. Below are some of the main dental procedures where a cosmetic dentist is involved.

  • Teeth Reshaping and Realignment

It is likely to find a person whose denture is irregular in terms of the shape, alignment, and size of their teeth. Some teeth may appear more protruded or more inclined than others, some may appear abnormally longer than their counterparts, where as some may have overgrown due to delay in removal of milk teeth during childhood. Such individuals in most cases have a hard time smiling, chewing, speaking or even maintaining a normal mouth posture. In such situations, a Cosmetic dentistry comes in handy. Realignment and reshaping procedures may involve cutting, filing, removal of some part of the enamel and other forms of manipulation to restore the denture to normalcy, improving the overall looks. Genetics may also play a part in such irregularities where a child is born that way.

  • Teeth Whitening

Due to reasons such as regular consumption of sugary foods, smoking, prolonged use of hard water for drinking and dental infections such as plaque, your teeth may at some point become stained or discolored. This has a direct impact to your dental looks and to restore your teeth to their natural lighter state, a cosmetic dentist will come in handy.

The teeth whitening procedure involves the use of a lightening product, which is applied on your discolored teeth with the gums being protected by a rubber shield. The product, whose active ingredients are mainly hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, reacts with the staining matter to eventually restore the teeth to natural color, nearly 5-6 shades lighter. It is also known as teeth bleaching and may sometimes involve the use of a laser beam to speed up the process.

  • Teeth Replacement / Gap Filling

Biting, tearing and chewing food can become a nightmare when you lose teeth, especially several of them. The gaps left by the teeth will almost always make you shy away from smiling in front of people, thus interfering with your confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to Cosmetic dentistry procedures, your smile and confidence can easily be restored through options such as placement of dental implants to support artificial teeth, dentures, and dental bridges. Through the same, your speech and dental articulature will also be improved or restored.

  • Gum Lifting

There are instances where gums may appear irregularly shaped or sized, due to factors such as genetics or physical injury among others. In such situations, you can visit a cosmetic dentist consider for dentistry procedures, which are done to improve the looks and alignment of your gums. They involve some cutting, lifting and manipulative processes, which can only be conducted by a highly qualified professional in the field. Your confident smile is also restored.

Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce

Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce’s September 11, 2007 Meeting

Tuesday, September 11 2007
. Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
.  Location: FAZ Restaurant
.  155 Steuart St., San Francisco, CA
.  (415) 495-6500

Admission: (Members: Free Non-Members: $15)

Guest Speakers:

Torange Yeghiazarian is an Iranian-born theatre artist of Armenian heritage. She writes, directs and performs for theatre. Her play, Call me Mehdi, will be published by Theatre Communications Group in 2008. Torange received her Master’s degree in Theatre Arts from San Francisco. Her plays reflect the perspective of the culturally displaced in tackling today’s world of contradictory realities and values. She is the Artistic Director of Golden Thread Productions, where she has devoted her professional life to exploring Middle Eastern cultures and identities through theater arts.

Lale’ Welsh is Beyond Persia’s Co-Founder and Executive Director. Beyond Persia strives to meet its goal of fostering mutual cultural understanding and tolerance in two ways: To expose Contemporary Persian Art to the West as a relevant piece of modern American Culture, as well as to provide a comprehensive venue and legitimate breeding ground for artists to show-case, promote and sell their work to the public interested in collecting art produced by Iranian diaspora.

Niloufar Talebi of The Translation Project will do a presentation about San Francisco’s 1st annual “Iranian Literary Arts Festival”, scheduled for November 13-17 and co-presented by The Translation Project and Beyond Persia. This week of events include documentaries about Ahmad Shamlu and Borough Farrokhzad, panels about ‘Iranian literature as World Literature’, a talk by noted Iranian writer Moniru Ravanipur, a bookstore, an art show, evening events, a fundraising gala, and the world premier of ICARUS/RISE, a theatrical piece based on new Iranian poetry, created by Niloufar Talebi and featuring composer Bobak Salehi, choroegrapher/videographer Alex Ketley (formerly of SF Ballet and ALonzo King’s Lines Ballet), cellist Kristina Forester and guest artist Mohammad Nejad. This show chronicles the imaginary journey of Icarus* after the fall, or the rise of immigrants recreating themselves and of artists finding their voice. It is a journey into self- possession.

Please don’t forget to bring your business cards!
We look forward to seeing you!

2007 IACC Calendar of Events:

. Program
. . .
Jan 9
. Networking Mixer
  Norooz Celebration at the City Hall
  Union Bank of California – SF Private Bank 
June 12
  Art & Gallery Cafe

Welcome to The Iranian American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)!

About the Chamber

The San Francisco Bay Area Iranian American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) is a non-profit California Mutual Benefit Corporation that focuses on promoting economic opportunities for Iranian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area by being a leading voice for Iranian-American owned businesses through delivering innovative products and services, engaging in aggressive advocacy and producing premier networking opportunities for our members.